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 RADIO tapping

Introduction :
Thanks to short waves, listeners can benefit from a world-wide coverage by listening to all their favorite programs: they have to have a radio receiver which comprises this range of frequencies (S.W or O.C.).
Many countries transmit their radio programs on short waves, Tunisia is part of them. Thus, in what follows, we provide you the necessary information to listen to our radio program broadcast on short waves.

Transmission Station :
In Tunisia, it is the station of Sidi Mansour which is exploited to broadcast the programs of the national radio in Arabic on short waves. This station is situated near a coastal village known for small-boat fishing and situated at about 5km from county town, Sfax. Sfax is the second town of Tunisia with about 500.000 inhabitants. It is situated in the South-East, 270 Km distant from Tunis.
Table of frequencies :
The following table recapitulates the areas covered by our transmitters broadcasting the programs of the Radio Tunis International Channel (RTCI), with the indication of frequencies and transmission timetable:

Western Europe• On 7225 KHZ, from 18 :00 to 22 :10 UTC
• On 7275 KHZ, from 07 :30 to 05 :00 UTC
Middle East • On 9725 & 12005 KHZ, from 04 :00 to 06 :10 UTC
• On 9725 & 12005 KHZ, from 17 :00 to 21 :10 UTC
The Maghreb• On 7335 KHZ, from 07 :00 to 09 :10 UTC
• On 7345 KHZ, from 20 :00 to 24 :10 UTC

Tapping Report and QSL card:
The ONT gives a particular importance for the tapping report prepared by the listeners, and particularly by radio hams. Their tapping reports, within which they have all the latitude to evaluate the reception quality of the programs according to an appropriate code called SINPO, are particularly followed up.

S : Signal strength
I : Interference
N : Noise
P : Propagation disturbance
O : Overall merit

The sending of a SINPO report to our administration allows you to obtain a QSL card.


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